Saigon Bianco Modular pattern

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A classic Italian porcelain tile manufactured to recreate the look of a pale aged French limestone. It offers beautifully subtle tumbled edges, has swirls of ivory and off white running through it's design and comes in the ever popular modular pattern. Combined with the ease that comes with a porcelain tile with next to no maintenance it poses the question do you really need the real thing.

More information

Country of origin ~ Italy

Material ~ Porcelain

Requires sealing ~ No

Edges ~ Faux tumbled

Stock item ~ Yes

Please note all purchases through the website are per square metre, NOT per tile

Sizes available

Small modular pattern ~ sizes consist of 333x333, 333x500 & 500x500mm 

Large modular pattern ~ sizes consist of 333x333, 333x500, 500x500 & 500x1000mm 


£29.95 per sqm (inc VAT)

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